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The first step in triaging health priorities and establishing short and long term goals is to take a deep dive into your health history through an exhaustive physical exam and extensive lab work. An effective health plan starts with comprehensive data that will tell us what is going on inside and why it is happening. This gives us the proper tools to collaborate on an individualized plan of action tailor made for you.

These are some of the data points we look at:

Detailed review of your personal, family, medical, life history: (Risks, epigenetic factors)

Detailed review of your current health and overall health concerns: (how your symptoms and body systems connect, and things you learn to ignore)

Detailed, expanded physical exam: (checking subtle, early warning signs)

Expanded lab work with longevity, biologic age, and health optimization-adjusted reference ranges: (cellular function, communication, energy, nourishment, age, and function of organs in isolation and in concert)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an expanded physical exam work?

We offer access to the latest diagnostic, screening and medical imaging technologies to assess your current state of health. The expanded physical exam typically takes 60 minutes to complete. This includes a deep dive into your health history, a physical examination and obtaining lab work. Labs can be obtained in our center, a local laboratory, or through a mobile visit. An in-depth 60 minute lab review is scheduled following receipt of your lab results. Additional diagnostic testing may be ordered by our providers depending on your health goals and care plan. An individualized Methuselah Protocol will be established with this information and progress visits will be scheduled as needed to ensure success.

What is The Methuselah Protocol?

Our expanded physical exam includes developing an individualized Methuselah Protocol. The Methuselah Protocol is a body of measures and interventions that are research proven, based on 8 years of research with the Methuselah Foundation and 100s of thousands of scientific studies to select the most effective, safe, and proven science to significantly extend human lifespan and healthspan. It involves various strategies such as genetic and epigenetic modifications, cellular and molecular interventions, metabolic and hormonal optimization, nutritional and lifestyle changes, and advanced medical technologies. The protocol is a holistic concept rather than a specific, formalized set of practices, drawing from the work of hundreds of researchers and organizations in the field of longevity science. Key contributors include The Methuselah Foundation: a non-profit organization co-founded by David Gobel, dedicated to extending healthy human lifespan by supporting research and development in regenerative medicine and other longevity-focused fields.

What type of labs are ordered with an expanded physical exam?

With our physical examination services we offer female or male lab screening. These tests are conducted twice yearly and include: Homocysteine, lp(a), cystatin-C, and NMR LipoProfile + Lipids and Apolipoprotein B instead of standard lipid panel + apoB. Additional testing may be ordered for an additional fee. Contact our office to learn more about pricing and testing availability.

How often do I need an expanded physical exam?

Our patients undergo repeat examination and screenings generally every 6 months to get the most accurate results possible. This allows us to curate a plan based on your current health status.

What are the benefits of an expanded physical exam?

Early Detection of Health Issues: Regular expanded physical exams can help identify health problems early, when they are often more treatable and manageable. This can include chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes, as well as acute issues that may develop over time.

Monitoring Existing Conditions: For individuals with chronic health conditions, more frequent expanded physical exams allow healthcare providers to monitor the progress of the disease, adjust treatments as necessary, and prevent complications.

Preventive Care: These physical examinations provide opportunities for preventive care, including vaccinations, screenings, and counseling on lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, and smoking cessation.

Updating Medical History: Regular check-ups ensure that a patient's medical history is up-to-date, which is crucial for making informed decisions about their healthcare.

Building Patient-Doctor Relationship: Frequent interactions can strengthen the relationship between patients and healthcare providers, leading to better communication, trust, and adherence to medical advice.

Addressing New Symptoms: Patients may develop new symptoms or concerns between annual visits. Semi-annual expanded physical exams provide a structured opportunity to discuss these issues with a healthcare provider.

Comprehensive Health Assessment: An expanded physical exam is more thorough than a standard physical, often including a more detailed evaluation of all body systems, which can lead to a better understanding of a patient’s overall health.

At Everest Health, our semi-annual expanded physical exams enhance preventive care, early detection, and management of health issues, contributing to better overall health outcomes.

Our proactive approach helps us create a personalized care plan to help you reduce the risk of serious health conditions. Additionally, our skilled coaching sessions offer an additional layer of support, encouragement, and accountability to make these lifestyle changes easy.


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