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Explore the Strategies to Make 90 the New 50 by 2030


The Methuselah Foundation has partnered with Everest Health Partners, LLC and with the goal of developing and supporting the creation of a national and international clinical delivery service of longevity-positive medical interventions. Our vision is for clients to have access to cutting-edge healthspan treatments of the whole person to mean psychological, emotional, environmental, biological, and other interventions which may arise to benefit this mission.

Via this collaboration, we focus on the six pathfinding strategies to make 90 the new 50 by 2030, researching and developing the most evidence-based methods to delay aging, restore youth, and prevent diseases of age.

Methuselah's Pathfinding Strategies



Technologies that will create new organs, bones, vasculature (with the probable near-term exception of the brain).

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New Parts For People

As we age, the wear and tear we put on our bodies begins to take a toll. As one body component begins to weaken, this leads to an exponential strain on the body that stresses remaining parts, leading to failure and eventual death. This strategy focuses on technologies that create replacement parts of our bodies, such as organs, cartilage, bones, and vasculature.


Safely remove senescent and other destructive biological structures, intercellular damage or waste (i.e. amyloid), etc.

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Get The Crud Out

Cellular processes of life result in by-products that are harmful if not cleared by the cell. Lifestyle and environmental factors add to the gradual accumulation of toxic substances in the body. As we age, there is an increasing amount of DNA damage, which leads to ineffective cellular processes, intracellular damage, and senescent cells. Outside of the cell, wastes such as amyloids can accumulate, negatively affecting organ function. This strategy focuses on technologies that clear harmful substances from the body at both the microscopic (cellular), and macroscopic (organ) level. Destruction of ineffective or harmful cells, as well as removal of toxic proteins and metabolites is essential to the restoration of youthful health.


Restore the circulatory system

to full competence.

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Restore The Rivers

As an individual ages, the circulatory system becomes less effective due, in part, to vessel stiffening, less effective pumping, insufficient waste clearance, poor oxygen exchange, and inadequate angiogenesis. This strategy addresses the need to improve these factors in the aged, including accelerated angiogenesis, more effective carriage and transfer of vital particles, and restored function of the circulatory system to youthful competence.


Restore the body's informational integrity and its accurate replication.

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Debug the Code

Fundamentally, we are built from codes. As we go through life, insults and damage happen to this code. The code includes DNA, and also the "action code", RNA, and proteins that actually do the work of the cells. This strategy deals with the informational life of the cell and its expression. Over time these activities degrade with age. Our first goal is to create actionable metrics that can illuminate just what is happening in your cells due to changes in your habits, food intake, age, supplements you take, stresses from work and family life and etc. If you can't measure it you can't fix it. Once measured, we will need to return the code to a youthful state.


Replenish building blocks such as stem cells and immune system antibodies.

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Restock The Shelves

Each person is constantly being dismantled, destroyed, and rebuilt at the cellular level. As we age, our ability to successfully "retire" harmful cells weakens, as does our ability to rebuild. Stem cells continue to be active and present in adult tissue but become fewer and less effective as we age. Senescent cells become more prolific, sapping and straining the body systems. Additionally, with advanced age comes a weakened immune system, due to a combination of more onslaughts to the body and less effective defenses. This strategy addresses the need to provide the aged body with the tools required to rebuild and protect.


Restore the capacity for joy. For instance, rejuvenated senses and athletic competence.

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Lust For Life

Among the aged, depression, loss of purpose, and social isolation are serious problems. Losing athletic competence often results in fear of injury, limited independence, and loneliness. Social isolation and physical disability lead to feelings of uselessness and hopelessness. Loss of acuity of the senses endangers the elderly and limits their ability to savor the little things in life that add up to happiness. This strategy addresses the need to help older ones to want to increase their longevity, and to empower them to make the most of longer life. By restoring the senses, cognition, and physical ability, older ones will be capable of independence and productivity. They will be free to explore the world and themselves through new experiences, friends, and skills.


Fortify and rebuild our walls. From the fascia that surround every nerve fiber to the skin that hold us all together.

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Rebuild The Walls

The Largest Organ We Have is Under Attack. Our skin, cell walls, and every other barrier in our body is succumbing to decades of wear and tear. As we age, we experience decreased sensation, increased response time, chronic inflammation, and frailty. This strategy focuses on developing technologies that restore integrity and rebuild our walls, from the fascia that surround every nerve fiber to the skin that hold us all together.


Why These Strategies?

Aging, the progressive loss of physiological function, is the main risk for leading diseases and ultimately leads to death. The process of aging is complex, and when considering the vision of improving health and preventing and reversing the aging process, it is helpful to organize the strategies to address the 9 Hallmarks of Aging.

The seven strategies employed by the Methuselah Foundation and Everest Health address these 9 Hallmarks of aging so that we can make meaningful and measurable change to positively impact the decline associated with age.

9 Hallmarks of Aging



Genomic Instability

As we age, we accumulate damage to our genes. If our DNA is damaged, both basic and complex body functions break down.

Example: Cancers.


Telomere Attrition

Telomeres are the portion of the DNA which allow replication. As we age, these telomeres shorten and eventually are unable to produce further copies.

Example: Senescent cell accumulation.


Epigenetic Alterations

Throughout our lives, our environment and behaviors alter our DNA which deleteriously changes our ability to thrive.

Example: Lung disease.


Loss of proteostasis

Proteostasis is the process that maintains function of proteins within and outside the cell. Proteins are the building blocks of life at every level. When any one of these functions fails, we deteriorate in innumerous ways.

Example: Neurodegenerative disease.


Deregulated Nutrient Sensing

These 4 pathways of nutrient sensing are essential to allow the cell to recognize and use nutrients for energy and function. When our cells cannot sense and use nutrients, the whole organism suffers.

Example: Metabolic syndrome.


Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, ensuring energy is available to the whole body. When the cell lacks energy, basic functions become deranged, leading to failure of the whole body.

Example: Chronic fatigue.


Cellular Senescence

It is a normal part of each cell's life cycle to turn itself off and die when it is no longer effective. As we age, many factors lead senescence accumulation, a state in which there are too many ineffective cells which do not turn themselves off, but remain in the body and cause damage.

Example: Muscle wasting and weakness.


Stem Cell Exhaustion

Stem cells are important for tissues to repair and regenerate. As stem cells replicate throughout life, they lose the ability to produce functional cells at the necessary rate.

Example: Poor immune function.


Altered Intracellular Communication

Within the cell and between cells, there are a multitude of signals which produce the necessary actions to support life. When we can no longer communicate at the intracellular level, there is a cascade of properties which cease to work as needed.

Example: Cardiovascular disease.

Of course, these hallmarks work in concert with one another. When just one of these hallmarks begins to fail, it challenges the others and often leads to multi-faceted failure of the organism. We see this often, with a severe or chronic disease leading to multiple comorbid diseases, and in the sudden and profound decline that many people experience at around age 70. We know the underlying issues, and they are the keys to identifying interventions that will prevent and repair decline, keep us functioning optimally, and able to effectively handle stressors to our systems.

Tailor Made Compounding Pharmacy


Leaders in the field of longevity medicines, the team at Tailor Made is working hard to bring cutting-edge technology to the clinic. They pride themselves on the quality of their products, obtaining and producing challenging pharmaceuticals while ensuring purity and potency in-house as well as with a third-party tester. Tailor Made is one of the top compounding pharmacies in the nation and provides Everest Health’s clients with ease of access to high quality, effective longevity medications and to develop innovative science-based healthspan treatments.


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