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Longevity & Healthspan Clinic

Longevity & Healthspan Clinic

Our mission at Everest Health Partners is to optimize and preserve your health by combining advanced, research-based science with personalized care.

We offer:

Cutting-edge medical interventions
Traditional medical practices
Evidence-based complementary and alternative therapies

Our approach is tailored to your unique needs and goals. We're committed to helping you achieve and maintain peak health.

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How is Everest Health Different from an Ordinary Medical Practice?

We treat the whole person, not just the disease. Our aim is to help our patients flourish and prevent illness before it starts. While conventional medicine often reacts to symptoms or diagnoses, we take a proactive approach.

Traditional healthcare sometimes allows problems to develop before intervening, which can lead to:

Preventable injuries or illnesses
More aggressive treatments to reverse damage
Cumulative strain from not achieving optimal health

Our proactive approach focuses on:

Preventing health issues before they arise
Minimizing the need for drastic interventions
Helping our clients achieve and maintain a state of balance & resilience

By addressing potential health concerns early, we aim to help you achieve lasting wellness with greater ease.

Primary Care - the way it was always meant to be.


In addition to optimizing health to prevent disease, we work closely with our patients to manage and overcome complex health issues. Our holistic approach values you as an individual. At Everest Health, we believe that while all people are created equal, no two people are identical. Your path to longevity is a unique, personal journey.

Wellness is a harmonious balance of many elements: physical health, mental clarity, spiritual well-being, environmental factors, social connections, and emotional stability. Even small changes can significantly impact your long-term health.

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Primary Care

At Everest Health, we leverage our extensive knowledge of proven, effective treatments to help you:

Build on your existing strengths
Address areas for improvement
Work towards a longer, healthier life

We call ourselves "partners" because that's precisely what we become to our patients. We're committed to supporting you at every stage of your journey towards a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.


Optimize & Maintain Your Health

Begin your journey to better health and longevity today. At Everest Health Partners, we. Provide the expertise and tools to help you look and feel younger. Schedule your consultation today!

Our Services

longevity medicine

Expanded physical exam

The first step in triaging health priorities and goals is a deep dive into your health history, a thorough physical exam, and extensive lab work. Finding out what precisely is going on and why is important to elucidate a plan of action to rectify these problems.

Additional things our providers look for:

  • Detailed review of personal, family, medical, life history: (Risks, epigenetic factors)
  • Detailed review of health concerns: (how your symptoms and body systems connect, and things you learn to ignore)
  • Expanded, detailed physical exam: (checking subtle, early warning signs)
  • Expanded lab work with longevity, biologic age, and health optimization-adjusted reference ranges: (cellular function, communication, energy, nourishment, age, and function of organs in isolation and in concert)


health optimization

Biological aging and health optimization measures

We don’t all age at the same rate as each other: We all have that friend who looked 40 at 18 and your friend’s mom who could be their sister. Similarly, our body parts don’t always age at the same rate to each other. Our skin may be much older than we are, or our liver might be 80 when we’re 30. We may look great on the outside but be very ill on the inside.

The extended physical exam’s bloodwork estimates the biological age of our red blood cells, white blood cells, kidneys, liver, thyroid, as well as phenotypic age. It also has optimized ranges (versus standardized “normal” lab ranges) that are evidence-based, the values in people with the least mortality/morbidity, the least risk of disease and death; the healthiest. These updated ranges have been developed as part of the Methuselah Protocol by our CEO, which is exclusive to clients of Everest Health.

This is important when optimizing health, because you want to review your lab results looking for measures that reflect best health outcomes, not what is average.

In addition to the recommended lab testing for the Protocol, we also offer a wide range of additional tests for the client who wants to know as much as possible. We can assist the client in selecting the tests which will provide the most meaningful data. We have also assessed many of the commercially available lab tests which relate to health optimization and longevity, and work to secure discounts for our clients.

Biological aging & health optimization

biological age measurement

Longevity Medications

While there is currently no known method which allows humans to live forever, there are certainly prescription medications which can be used off-label to reduce risk of disease, improve overall health, and potentially extend life. Some include rapamycin, semaglutide, and metformin. Additionally, there are a multitude of non-prescription medications which are appropriate for longevity and healthspan applications.

Everest Health Partners maintains a HIPAA compliant client registry to monitor outcomes in relation to various aspects of the Protocol to ensure safety, efficacy, validity, and to optimize individualized care on an ongoing basis. Use for scientific study and publishing is entirely at the discretion of clients.

We recognize the many challenges our clients have faced when trying to source longevity medications, both prescription and non-prescription, and we are here to pave the road. We have ample experience in assisting with the most cost-effective and reliable methods. When it comes to non-prescription drugs, the volume of possibilities and questionable nature of a largely unregulated field is a concern. We have done the research to identify what are the safest, most potent, most research-based options, and can then isolate an adapted, personalized protocol which will be the best for you based on your goals, your health, and background.


preventative medicine

Beyond Pills

Treatments and interventions such as non-ablative laser skin resurfacing, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, platelet rich plasma, and autologous stem cell treatments are some of the jumps forward in novel technology for anti-aging and health optimization. These are interventions that can turn back the clock, treat a wide range of challenging conditions (such as healing wounds, trauma, and chronic pain, advanced/chronic brain injury, vascular disease, skin photoaging, autoimmune disease and some cancers, etc.), and drastically improve quality of life even in healthy individuals.

This is a swiftly advancing field of exciting new options coming soon. Here at Everest Health, we are always embracing change when scientifically proven to help and not harm. Because of our partnerships with Methuselah Foundation, Methuselah Fund, and their seed biotech companies, our clients will have the first opportunities to participate in research trials if desired, and to innovative life-saving treatments upon FDA approval.

Beyond Pills


Hormone Replacement Therapy

The effect of reproductive hormones on overall health is extensive. Both men and women experience decreases in sex hormones with increasing age which poses significant health risks, reduced quality of life, and speeds up the aging process. At Everest Health Partners, hormone testing is standard for every client to identify risk and prevent harm early! Our priority is to help you safely, effectively, and measurably optimize your health. For many clients, this includes supplementing reproductive hormones to preserve your health and youth.

Men: After age 30, testosterone drops 1% yearly and by age 60, over 20% of men have dangerously low testosterone. This is a concern because testosterone is essential for healthy, youthful function. For individuals who have low testosterone, supplementation has many benefits including improved bone density and strength, increased muscle mass, improved physical function, decreased fat mass and visceral fat, correction of anemia, better sexual function, better mood, and reduced risk of all-cause mortality.

Women: Every single woman experiences a loss of reproductive hormones beginning around age 40, with menopause at an average of age 50. This transition has serious implications for both short and long-term health. In fact, up to 80% of women have significant negative symptoms from this loss of hormones and 100% of women experience health risks associated with menopause. Replacing these hormones in the proper way improves bone density and strength, increases muscle mass, decreases fat mass and visceral fat, improves sexual function, mood, and sleep, ameliorates genito-urinary symptoms, enhances perceived quality of life, and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and all-cause mortality.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

preventative medicine

Weight and Body Composition

In the U.S. over 70% of people have a weight that exceeds what is best for long-term health. There are many extrinsic and intrinsic factors that result in this sobering number. Despite the hard work that goes into weight loss, over 80% of weight is regained without intent. Weight loss by traditional means is nearly impossible to accomplish in the first place, let alone to maintain long term. 

At Everest Health, we use a holistic approach that combines extremely safe and effective medications, supplements, and lifestyle changes that are individualized to ensure that you are able to reach a healthy body composition and maintain it in the long term without the insurmountable effort of the past. Our goal is to address the root causes that make it difficult to reduce adiposity to ensure that this is the last time you will have to struggle with your weight. 

We all want to feel comfortable in our skin and to enjoy the positive results that come with a healthy body composition and mass such as reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, and injury, with improved overall organ and system function, hormone balance, mood, and athletic ability. One of our best tools to combat our genes is to maintain a body with optimized lean and adipose mass. We are here to help you, with a deep understanding of the challenges and the ability to get you to your goal!

Weight and Body Composition


Athletic Performance

At Everest Health, many clients are looking for next-level health optimization for enhanced physical ability at elite level athleticism. The balance of exercise tolerance, performance, growth, and recovery requires a multi-faceted approach that includes an in-depth individualized plan for nutrition, sleep, training, social and psychological therapeutics, complementary medicine and interventions, select pharmaceuticals and supplementation, and much more. 

The target is always moving. We are always growing, improving, and seeking a higher goal. Everest Health is here to help you reach the pinnacle of your potential, to perform as an optimized athlete and to maintain your vigor to prevent injury and continue doing what you love for the long-haul.

Athletic Performance

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Optimize & Maintain Your Health

Begin your journey to better health and longevity today. At Everest Health Partners, we. Provide the expertise and tools to help you look and feel younger. Schedule your consultation today!