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How does this work?

Optimally, we will serve as your Primary Care Provider. This will ensure that in all aspects of your health, the goal of longevity, risk prevention, and optimized function are at the heart of your care.

We are, however, team players and are happy to grow our family of collaborating peers. Most clients will have specialist physicians and nonphysician caregivers that we work with according to the desire of our client, sharing notes, consulting on medication regimen, and providing professional consultations on multidisciplinary care. While we feel that our clients get the most from us when we provide primary as well as healthspan specific care, working with your PCP is a unique opportunity to provide education to the PCP in longevity medicine and improving health outcomes.

Additionally, we are available via telemedicine on a consultatory basis and are happy to work with your Primary Care and Specialist teams across the United States and internationally.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time. The current state of the insurance world limits a practitioner’s freedom to provide excellent care. We are happy to assist you by providing the codes that are most successful to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, but there is no guarantee of coverage. Many clients make use of their health savings accounts for services.

Month to Month Membership - $350

Establishing care, physical exam with labs, biological age measurement and follow up consultation to establish individualized Methuselah Protocol. This includes a monthly in person or telemedicine visit follow up to assess progress and adjust as needed (1 visit). Additional lab testing available. Labs are not included ($120+).

Establishing Care - $1200

Initial consultation, medical clearance, biological age measurement, individualized Methuselah Protocol, and 2 follow ups (3 visits). Clients must obtain their own lab results (call for required labs). Additional lab testing available. Labs are not included ($120+).

6 Month Membership - $2000

Extended physical exam with labs, biological age measurement, and follow up consultation to establish individualized Methuselah Protocol. This includes a monthly in person or telemedicine visit follow up to assess progress, adjust as needed, and ensure success for a 6-month period (7 visits). Additional lab testing available for an additional charge.

12 Month Membership - $3200

Continuation of care to include yearly annual physical exam with twice yearly lab testing with biological age measurement, monthly follow ups and an individualized Methuselah Protocol (12 visits).

Consultant/Research Work - $450/hour
Can I pay with cryptocurrencies?

Yes! We are adding more with time but for now, we accept:

Ethereum (ETH)


Dogelon Mars (ELON)


How is the “healthspan” different from “lifespan” and “longevity”?

Our lifespan is the quantity of life we have, regardless of quality. Similarly, longevity means simply to have a long life. We certainly want more years of life, but that's not all we desire. Who wants to live to be 300 or even 100, if we are bed-ridden, dependent on others, chronically ill, and miserable?

Our healthspan is the quantity of healthy years we live. It's not enough to live a long time; we need to improve our health and maintain it so as to have more quality time, more healthy and productive years of life.

At Everest Health, our primary objective is to increase our clients’ healthspan: their healthy years. Our secondary goal, once this can be achieved, is to increase the quantity of total years (lifespan) and optimize health (attain more than “generally good health”). Each of these goals work hand-in-hand to improve our current quality of life and the chances of us living longer and healthier.

Partner with us

Have you read our team description and think that you would be a good fit? Do you have a business opportunity, are a provider, a practice who would like to collaborate, or are looking to join the Longevity movement?

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