About Everest Health


Here at Everest Health we combine our research in longevity with our work as a Primary Care Providers and Longevity and Healthspan Specialists. We have already been having excellent success with our clients in helping them to feel and become measurably younger, avoid disease and function at a higher level. This is an excellent option for the health-conscious and elite to unlock the next level of performance and recovery. We want to make this an opportunity to everyone. There is no client who comes to us who does not qualify or a candidate for longevity and health span services- it just depends on which treatments are appropriate. Together, we will discuss your goals, assess your current health state to get a baseline for effectiveness as well as safety for choice of treatments, and we will make a custom plan in shared partnership. With new and innovative research being developed all the time, we are always willing to work with clients, consider new options, and discuss the possibility for inclusion in their care. There is no quackery at Everest, only evidence. This makes us openminded to new ideas, since the proof speaks for itself.

Our mission is to measurably optimize the wellbeing of our clients so we can all live better, longer, together.

What sets Everest Health apart?


Our background is in research.

This makes us particularly capable of investigating new options as well as reassessing old ones. We are not satisfied with what is “known” but are continuously examining the evidence. Vitamins, herbs, supplements, and other alternative therapies are considered with the same standard and openness as mainstream medicine. Knowledge is to be shared, and it is a joy when clients show investment in their own health by asking questions, making suggestions, and sharing research with us.

Our heart is with our clients.

We sincerely care about people, and we enjoy being in the service of others. Our satisfaction comes from helping people become measurably younger, healthier, happier, and seeing them obtain the proof that they have hope for the future. We all have great value to one another, and here at Everest Health, we believe that society is served by remaining in it: becoming better, wiser, kinder people as we gain years. The mission that motivates us is to advocate for our clients and support them to make meaningful improvents to their wellbeing so that we can all live better, longer, together.

Our Team


Being both analytical and altruistic, our team is carefully chosen, and only those who are suited to sift through the complicated wealth of knowledge we have been given in the longevity field and to bring it to the clinic setting in a practical way are selected to serve. Because of our deep feeling for our clients, we make the most of our fellowship with the Methuselah Foundation to apply research to improve the lives of real people in a meaningful and measurable way. We are motivated and skilled to provide the education, counselling, treatment, and partnered care that results in optimizing and maintaining functional health.

Each person on our team has real-world experience with the pain of illness and aging. It’s personal for us. We listen, and we see; we know the challenges that come with age and to families of the aged, and we don’t want any of us to have to suffer that way anymore. It just isn’t necessary. We can do better!

We are the providers for clients who are partners in their health, who are empowered to take control of their future, people who are looking to climb their Everest: To join the elite, the well, the long-lived.

We demand excellence from our team, and you should too!

At every level you will find we demonstrate:

  • The desire and skill to extend your healthy years of life: your healthspan.
  • Partnership to motivate clients to tend toward optimization, to thrive.
  • Balanced care, led by expertise and partnered goals with clients.
  • Empathy, acceptance, and validation: No one knows you better than you!
  • A holistic approach, caring for your physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • A whole-body approach, recognizing the inter-connectedness of symptoms and systems at a micro and macroscopic level.
  • Open-mindedness and a responsibility to be informed of the best treatments available across disciplines.
  • Scientific rigor, hunger for knowledge, and an eagerness to educate.
  • Enthusiasm, positivity, and joie de vivre. We pick our team not just because they are qualified, but because each one is a pleasure to be around!

Our Medical Team

danielle ruiz

Danielle Ruiz, MSN, APRN, AGNP-C

CEO, Medical Director, Provider

Danielle has been focused on giving back to the community by working in the medical field since her youth. Always drawn to the aged, she learned early in life the challenges the elderly and their families face and was motivated to find a way to meaningfully improve the lives of those around her. Throughout her healthcare career, she has worked with various adult populations, learning the unique needs of different ages, cultures, and conditions. One thing that unites us all is the desire and the right to be healthy, happy, and to live. Danielle genuinely cares for her clients and wants them to succeed. Frustrated with the current paradigm of our healthcare system, she was driven to find options to extend her clients’ healthspan measurably and safely, the years free from disease with health that is optimized for each individual.

Danielle became a Fellow of Geriatric Medical Research with the Methuselah Foundation in 2016, researching the best evidence-based methods to extend life, prevent disease, optimize health, and measure biological age and function. She has continued to achieve academically and secularly and became the Foundation’s Medical Director in 2020. Later that year, she founded Everest Health Partners and became its CEO and Medical Director. Danielle holds a master’s degree of nursing from George Mason University and is a Board Certified Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, serving as a Strategic Clinical Advisor for companies in the longevity space, including the Longevity Prize.

She is a passionate learner, and her endless enthusiasm means she is constantly growing in her chosen field, as well as her innumerable hobbies. Danielle is a philanthropist and warm soul, who quickly and deeply connects with her clients, using this to motivate improved quality of care and outcomes.

Samuel Boakye

Samuel Boakye, MD

Collaborating Physician

Dr. Samuel Boakye has been practicing Family Medicine since 1996. He is board certified in Family Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP). Dr. Boakye completed his internship and residency at Howard University Hospital, during which time he also served as Administrative Chief Resident.

Currently based in New York, he is associated with Englewood Hospital and Garnet Health Medical Center. He is dedicated to providing quality patient care and evidence-based practice. He is a voracious reader and avid learner. He is beloved by his patients, and is a philanthropist, having spent many years as a full-time volunteer physician.

Olivia Lesslar

Olivia Lesslar, M.D

Medical Advisor

Dr. Olivia Ly Lesslar, an Australian-educated and registered medical doctor, holds a Bachelor of International Relations with a triple major including French and Diplomacy, alongside a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. With postgraduate studies in skin cancer medicine and clinical nutrition management, she is currently pursuing a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy. Aside from longevity, Dr. Lesslar specializes in preventative medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, biohacking, and complex conditions such as neurodegeneration, cancer, allergies, and long COVID.

Her experience as Medical Director of Functional and Longevity Medicine in various clinics has given her the opportunity to focus on problem-solving multisystem chronic conditions, utilizing non-pharmaceutical interventions. Dr. Lesslar collaborates with international clinics and institutions and works closely with Griffith University's National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases and serves on the Board of Advisors to the Dean of Medicine of the National University of Singapore. Dr. Lesslar is recognized as an industry disruptor and leader in integrative medicine, featured in the NYC Journal 50 under 50 in 2021 and delivering talks at prestigious universities and events worldwide.

Our Business Team


David Gobel

Co-founder and CEO of the Methuselah Foundation, David is a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, inventor, and futurist. He was the first to publicly discuss the idea of longevity escape velocity, the hypothetical situation in which life expectancy is extended longer than the time that is passing. He has been intimately involved with the inspiration, research, and development of the Methuselah Protocol, serving as an n of 1, our illustrious first client.

Sergio Ruiz

COO of Turn Biotechnologies and managing director of the Methuselah Fund, Sergio is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He has advised in the development of several biotechnologies designed to increase the healthy human lifespan, helping them to evolve from academic investigations to commercial enterprises. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and a genetics and genomics certificate from Stanford University.

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